Eyelash Extensions

How to make eyelash extensions last!

How to Care for Eyelash Extensions

After spending time and money getting eyelash extensions, the last thing you want is to have them falling out in no time. By taking care of your extensions, it’s actually easy to keep them both healthy and long lasting. All you have to do is make a few changes to your routine and be aware of your lashes and you won’t have to rush back in a few days to get them fixed.

Relax For 24 Hours

The adhesive used to bond the extensions to your natural lashes takes time to setup fully. Try to avoid extremely humid areas and much physical activity. Basically, sit down and relax for the day. If the adhesive doesn’t bond properly, the extensions won’t last as long as they should. Stay away from saunas and overly hot showers – especially for the first 48 hours.

Use Eyelash Sealer

Applying a light coat of eyelash sealer every day or every other day helps the strengthen the bond between your extensions and real lashes. Plus, it’s also great for preventing pesky tangles. Usually, you can pick this up from your salon. When used regularly, you won’t need to get refills quite as often.

Avoid Oil Based Products

Oil based eye makeup and makeup removers weaken eyelash extensions. Instead, opt for water based makeup. Also consider applying under eye cream lightly and let it absorb completely before going to bed. This prevents it from getting on your extensions should you accidentally rub your face in your sleep.

Ease Up On Mascara

Your lashes are already fuller and longer so you don’t really need much mascara for a dramatic effect. Instead, skip the mascara on only apply it lightly. Too much mascara can weigh down the extensions, weakening them and causing them to break off from your real lashes.

Keep Extensions Moist

Since extensions aren’t part of your real lashes, they don’t get the same nutrients that keep your lashes naturally flexible. To give your extensions the same flexibility, use extension-safe products to spritz on or brush on. Don’t do this during the first few days to avoid weakening the adhesive.

Use Eye Makeup Removers

The eye area is already sensitive. To avoid damaging your extensions, use a makeup remover designed for the eyes. Skip cotton based pads to avoid getting cotton pieces in your lashes. Remove any eye makeup by wiping gently from the eyelid to the tip of the lashes. Avoid rubbing as much as possible.

Leave Them Alone

It’s tempting to constantly check your extensions or play with them. The more you mess with them, the quicker they’ll fall off. Instead, only touch them when absolutely necessary.

Get Refills Regularly

Touch-ups are part of maintaining long lasting eyelash extensions. Only spots that need to be replaced due to natural eyelash growth are done. It’s a quick visit that’s only needed every 2-4 weeks, but it keeps your lashes looking amazing.

With a little TLC, it’s not hard to maintain your eyelash extensions and make them last as long as possible.