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Relaxing Massage

Massage & Beyond

Blissful Massage

Our masterful therapists combine Swedish, acupressure and therapeutic techniques to deeply relax you and smooth away stress. Our most reputable, signature treatment.

30 Minutes / $45     60 Minutes / $75     90 Minutes / $110  
Pre-paid package of 5 / $340    Pre-paid package of 10 / $675

Deep Tissue Massage

Qualified therapists use slower strokes and more direct deep pressure to release patterns of tension throughout the body. Focuses on specific areas and deep layers of muscle tissue.

30 Minutes / $55     60 Minutes / $85     90 Minutes / $125
Pre-paid package of 5 / $380     Pre-paid package of 10 / $765

Sports Massage

Qualified therapists use a blend of Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage techniques to ease stiffness and pain, increase mobility in muscles and joints, warm muscles and connective tissue, and assist in the removal of toxins and lactic acid after a workout. Keeping muscles at their peak of flexibility and strength helps enhance athletic performance, improve speed, shorten recovery time between events, and ward off injury.

30 Minutes / $55      60 Minutes / $85    90 Minutes / $125


Reflexology brings positive benefit to the whole body through focused pressure on specific points on the feet.

30 Minutes / $55